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About Us

The World Shakespeare Project or WSP represents a new, interactive teaching and research model for twenty-first century higher education. The WSP is international, interdisciplinary, and socio-culturally varied in its approach. Combining the practical and pedagogical resources of its Atlanta-based director Sheila Cavanagh, and applying theoretical and practical research procedures, the WSP addresses the shifting nature of higher education through innovative technological experimentation. The WSP links electronically with Shakespearean faculty and students across the globe to create and sustain dialogues and educational opportunities in concert with student populations often excluded from such endeavors because of economic, cultural, or geographic limitation. The project is designed to create, evaluate, and disseminate a multi-faceted educational structure that can be adapted for use globally and across the disciplines.
The WSP offers an innovative and provocative approach to student involvement and enterprise with its radical use of new and emerging technologies. The global impact of the WSP is reflected in its partners, which so far include faculty and students from predominantly Hindu and Muslim regions in India and North Africa, as well as Asia Minor. Discussions are underway to expand this to colleges and universities elsewhere in the world. Using videoconferencing for discussion and workshops on Shakespearean performance to foster significant international academic dialogue, the WSP promotes these broad educational discussions, at the same time offering real-time access and interconnectivity to diverse and often non-conventional academic communities.